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Tiktok Engagement Rate Calculator

Analyze Tiktok profile and calculate average engagement rate on Tiktok among other data

In the world of influencer marketing, I am sure you heard of Tiktok engagement rates.

Whether you are among Tiktok influencers who want to make money or a brand that wants to work with other creators, the engagement rate will matter.

What is the Tiktok engagement rate?

In the social media world, the Tiktok engagement rate is one of the key metrics used to evaluate the overall performance and health of the given Tiktok profile.

Every Tiktok account - be it an individual creator or a brand profile - has a certain set of statistics (like the number of followers, views, comments, etc.), and together, they can be used to calculate engagement.

Why engagement rate is so important?

Influencers can use engagement rate as a way to negotiate better deals with brands and ultimately - make more money on Tiktok.

Brands on the other hand, use engagement rate as a "one source of truth" to evaluate the performance of the Tiktok influencer. When running their influencer marketing campaigns, every brand cares about the ROI (Return of Investment).

Knowing engagement score can make up for it: although there is no guarantee that the sponsored post will get the estimated ROI, the chances increase and that could be used as earning estimator alone.

What is the Tiktok engagement rate calculator?

Tiktok engagement rate calculator, similar to the Tiktok money calculator, is a simple tool that allows you to quickly lookup the TikTok influencer engagement rate without doing all the manual work.

Doing it manually you would need to first look up someone's profile, gather all important info like a follower count, number of shares, number of likes, number of comments.

Besides knowing engagement rates, the calculator allows for getting an idea of what would be the right amount per sponsored post a brand would offer to pay.

Check the average post value using our Tiktok earnings estimator to find out exactly how much you should charge per post.

How do you calculate the engagement rate?

Since influencer engagement rate is one of the critical metrics, you should know how to calculate Tiktok engagement rate correctly.

As of now, there is no way to check the engagement rate directly within the app. But you can use the TikTok calculator tools and calculate it automatically.

If you wonder how to calculate it manually, engagement rate is the average likes, comments, and shares an influencer receives for every post they publish.

Tiktok engagement rate formula

What is the average engagement rate on TikTok?

Worth noting - average engagement will vary from profile to profile. A TikTok account with million followers will have different engagement than nano influencers with 5-10K followers.

For that reason, it's important to remember that you can't compare two Tiktok accounts with a large difference in followers number. Their quality and ultimately - engagement score - will vary.

What accounts have above average engagement on Tiktok?

In general, smaller Tiktok accounts or accounts that are trending tend to enjoy higher engagement rates.

Nano and micro-influencers have a more niche audience and tend to have more local relevance which translates to higher engagement.

Trending accounts will attract a high number of views and shares which will impact their overall score.

What has an impact on the engagement rate?

  • type of profile: is this a personal profile (individual) or a brand profile?
  • size (follower count)
  • visibility of the profile in the Tiktok algorithm
  • content quality (that include the content guidelines)

Individual vs brand account

Many social media platforms like Tiktok or Instagram might manipulate the visibility of the profile in the search depending on the nature of it.

Since brands are more likely to pay for the extra exposure, Tiktok might try to limit their organic reach. This is what happened to Instagram many years back after the Facebook acquisition.

Follower count

The number of followers plays a major role. Mega Tiktok influencers, in general, tend to have lower engagement compared to nano- and micro-influencers.

Content quality

Are your Tiktok videos stand out? Is this something your audience enjoys watching?

Algorithm visibility

On top of all the characteristics above, the Tiktok algorithm might alter your visibility based on other internal and external factors.

For example, if the profile is a victim of Tiktok shadowban, the Tiktok will drastically lower its engagement rates. Similarly, if the profile tried to mess with their follower count (for example, by purchasing fake followers or fake video views) and the Tiktok algorithm picked it up, it could penalize it by giving it less exposure in Tiktok trends or For you page.

How to improve TikTok engagement rate?

As more and more influencers popping up on Tiktok, working on ways to improve engagement rate will become more important. Gone are the days you could get away with a bunch of fake followers.

Estimated earnings are always correlated to audience engagement and the number of views you can get.

As a creator, it should be always your top priority to work on increasing engagement rates.

Here are some ways to improve Tiktok engagement score:

Create great content

This might be pretty obvious but even in 2021 a lot of creators forget about it: content is still the king.

The only way to boost the number of views and shares per post is to publish videos people want to watch. This not only will boost engagement

Leverage Tiktok trends

One of the easiest ways to boost TikTok engagement and video views is to jump early on happening Tiktok trends and challenges. This is one of the "secret" ways influencer marketing factory uses to quickly produce more influencers at scale.


Don't just stop at Tiktok. Likely you are also on other social media platforms and one of the strategies is to cross-promote the content between them.

For example, if you have a YouTube channel, you could record a short, distilled version of it and post it on Tiktok. Or you could post an Instagram story with a call to action asking people to visit your Tiktok for exclusive, "behind the curtain" content.

Collaborate with other influencers

Cannot think of any Tiktok trends? No problem! Another way to attract Tiktok views for your videos and eventually, increase engagement is to simply get yourself in front of other influencer audience.

It could be a one-off appearance in their video or a series of videos around a specific topic that you know is relevant to theirs and your audience.

Tiktok engagement rate calculator: Final Note

Engagement rate on Tiktok will be one of the major metrics for years to come.

As the platform matures and there are more creators joining, social engagement rate will be one of these "make or break" type of metrics.