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12 Most Followed Brands on Tiktok


Oct 10, 2023

TikTok has achieved over 1 billion monthly active users in the past few months.

New users are joining TikTok every day , and most of them want to see funny videos, cute animal videos, and even educational videos as they browse the platform.

But what about brands? We know that some top brands are creating engaging content and working on influencer marketing strategies to reach their ideal target audience on TikTok, but what are the biggest social media channels to follow?

The most followed user on TikTok is Khaby Lame, with over 161.9 million followers.

In fact, if we want to find the best brands on TikTok by follower count, we need to dive deep, as there are only two brands in the top 50.

Let’s discover the 12 most followed brands on TikTok and see how they are a great example to follow on social media platforms.

1. TikTok - 74.5 Million Followers

TikTok is the brand with the most followers on its own social media platform, and that’s no surprise!

The brand is followed by over 74.5 million TikTok users, and they often promote relevant trends through short-form video s and interesting video content for their audience.

2. PSG - 41 Million Followers

Paris Saint Germain, known simply as PSG, is France’s biggest football club. It is one of the most successful brands on the platform, as their TikTok channel has over 41 million followers.

PSG uploads quality videos of their footballers and makes them participate in trends as part of their TikTok marketing strategy.

The following of the PSG brand drastically increased when they signed Argentinian Soccer Star Lionel Messi back in 2021.

  • Industry: Football club.
  • TikTok Profile: @PSG
  • Stats Summary: PSG Stats

3. ESPN - 37.8 Million Followers

ESPN is a widely known sports-focused media company with years of trajectory on traditional channels.

Now, ESPN started a social media marketing strategy to reach a younger audience through quality content on TikTok.

The account also uploads behind-the-scenes videos of relevant sports stars , which is something that TikTok users are always eager to check.

  • Industry: Sports Media.
  • TikTok Profile: ESPN
  • Stats Summary: ESPN Stats

4. Netflix - 35.5 Million Followers

Netflix is the biggest streaming and entertainment platform in the world. Many of their series and shows connect with Gen Z users, and they also create relatable content as part of their TikTok strategy.

Netflix’s following continues growing, as they know how to leverage TikTok content to reach wider audiences organically.

5. Real Madrid - 34.9 Million Followers

With over 34.9 million TikTok followers, Real Madrid is the second most followed soccer club in the world.

Their TikTok account shows behind-the-scenes footage of their players, and they have greatly improved their social media presence by posting useful content every day.

6. Barstool Sports - 31.5 Million Followers

Barstool Sports is a popular media website with millions of followers on TikTok.

Their social media strategy consists of creating funny content, participating in trends, and showing the latest news related to worldwide sports.

7. Champions League - 30.8 Million Followers

Only true champions have the chance to win The Champions League , the most important and widely recognized European soccer club’s tournament.

The Champions League account follows a similar content strategy to other football-related TikTok brands - they post behind-the-scenes content, news, and relevant info for their followers.

8. Overtime - 25.2 Million Followers

Overtime is a software company focused on sports and Gen Z athletes.

Their TikTok content is tailored to Gen Z users , which is why they upload branded hashtag challenges, one or another dance challenge, sports news, and so on.

9. WWE - 24.3 Million Followers

We all know the WWE - this wrestling entertainment company is one of the biggest entertainers in the United States.

The TikTok account of the WWE focuses on showing recaps of old battles, glimpses into new battles, and interactions with WWE Superstars.

  • Industry: Wrestling.
  • TikTok Profile: @WWE
  • Stats Summary: WWE Stats

10. NBA - 20.3 Million Followers

The NBA is the most important basketball league in the world , and it’s followed by millions every year.

The TikTok marketing strategy of the NBA consists of uploading interesting basketball-related content, sports highlights, and one-on-one interactions with NBA players.

  • Industry: Sports (Basketball).
  • TikTok Profile: @NBA
  • Stats Summary: NBA Stats

11. Nickelodeon - 14.3 Million Followers

Nickelodeon is a widely popular children's entertainment network that has powered the childhood dreams of millions of TikTok users.

Nickelodeon creates highly engaging and interesting video content, which has resulted in massive online popularity, beating even direct competitors such as Disney and Cartoon Network.

12. Fortnite - 10.6 Million Followers

Fortnite and TikTok just go along together - this massive video game continues to be one of the most popular entertainment products of all time.

Fortnite’s TikTok account is the biggest gaming-themed account on the platform, with almost 11 million followers.

Summary: Top 12 Most Followed Accounts on the TikTok Platform

Brands on TikTok are constantly creating content and finding new ways to reach their audiences.

Although the vast majority of popular TikTok accounts do not belong to brands, we can still analyze the most popular companies’ social media profiles to learn something from them .

These are the 12 most followed brands on TikTok:

  1. TikTok - 74.5 Million Followers: Social media app for short videos.
  2. PSG - 41 Million Followers: Football club, showcasing behind-the-scenes and matches.
  3. ESPN - 37.8 Million Followers: Sports media, highlights, and engaging content.
  4. Netflix - 35.5 Million Followers: Streaming platform for shows and movies.
  5. Real Madrid - 34.9 Million Followers: Football club, insights and activities.
  6. Barstool Sports - 31.5 Million Followers: Sports and pop culture media, humor and commentary.
  7. Champions League - 30.8 Million Followers: Prestigious football club competition, memorable moments.
  8. Overtime - 25.2 Million Followers: Sports media, athlete spotlights and challenges.
  9. WWE - 24.3 Million Followers: Wrestling entertainment, matches and superstars.
  10. NBA - 20.3 Million Followers: Basketball league, highlights and interactions.
  11. Nickelodeon - 14.3 Million Followers: Children's entertainment, animated clips and challenges.
  12. Fortnite - 10.6 Million Followers: Gaming, gameplay highlights and events.


What’s the Most Talked About Brand on TikTok?

The most talked about brand on TikTok in 2022 was Shein (one of the most popular fashion brands), with over 37.5 thousand influencers mentioning it. Surprisingly, Shein is not even in the top 12 of the most followed brands, as it only has 8.1 million followers on TikTok . Shein creates a TikTok community that talks about them while collaborating with TikTok influencers to boost their TikTok Page presence.