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Top 10 Food Marketing Agencies in 2023


Oct 12, 2023

If your company is in the food industry, then you know how hard finding the digital solutions and specialized services that your brand needs is.

The competitive food industry is characterized by its dynamic customer preferences, constant requests for efficiency, and always-changing trends.

Social media content creation, concise strategy development, finding the best ways to reach your target markets, managing a new product launch, creating content marketing strategies... it all sounds really complicated and time-consuming !

That's why several food companies decided to leave all this in the hands of specialists.

Let's find the most effective marketing strategies that these top 10 food marketing agencies have to offer to your business.

1. Lounge Lizard

This list starts with Lounge Lizard, a versatile digital marketing agency ready to speak directly to your own company's foodie tribe.

Lounge Lizard offers a wide array of services for food companies, such as image for food products, classic social media advertising, and social media agency capabilities, as they also work as a software development company with mobile app development capabilities.

Bonchon Chicken, a Dallas-based food chain, needed custom websites to reach their audiences more effectively.

With the help of Lounge Lizard, Bonchon managed to get direct help from a creative technology company and marketing agency ready to boost the online presence of companies in the food and beverage sector.

2. Marlo Marketing

Marlo Marketing is a creative digital marketing agency specializing in social media services.

The firm offers social media management to enhance social media presence in different marketing channels, graphic design capabilities with many creative design ideas, website design as well as the option to create responsive websites and more.

They have worked in brand identity campaigns for companies such as Royal Food, which shows us how versatile and efficient their team truly is.

3. Food News

Food News offers digital marketing solutions for food and beverage companies. By specializing in the food niche, they are able to o ffer a wide variety of agency-focused services, such as social media content creation and digital design for local restaurants.

However, Food News has a more narrowed approach, as their marketing efforts often concentrate on certain areas instead of broader digital marketing campaigns.

If you are looking for an agency that knows how to reach local restaurant audiences successfully, then Food News is exactly what you need.

4. Top Agency

Top Agency is another agency specialized in marketing for food industries . This growth marketing agency focuses on growing existing food brands from scratch, as it provides everything that companies need marketing-wise.

Top Agency also presents itself as an influencer marketing solution for impactful marketing campaigns.

The agency connects local and regional restaurants with influencers , compelling brand storytellers, and other connections to drive growth efficiently and organically.

5. Jellybean

Jellybean Creative is a full-service digital marketing firm ready to assist food brands in their new digital journey.

Jellybean offers a wide range of services, including influencer marketing to reach different consumer sectors (collaborations influencer agency options), culinary consulting, integrated campaigns across different social media channels, and more.

The agency helped launch the new Ritter Sport chocolate flavor by creating brand awareness with social media ads, so they certainly know what they are doing.

Integrating multidisciplinary teams allows Jellybean to run an effective food marketing strategy to drive growth, enhance awareness, and improve client-to-business communication in online channels.

Moreover, Jellybean can also act as a consulting and traditional printing media firm, which makes it one of the most versatile options in this list.

6. Chilli Media

Chilli Media is a marketing and paid media agency that offers complete brand experiences and digital brand experiences, which turns it into a reliable partner for food brands.

Chilli Media promises the best marketing tactics around, which rang e from mobile marketing to branding for food companies.

The agency provides its clients with values, results, and measurable opportunities for growth. Moreover, it empowers businesses through technologies, as using modern technologies is what differentiates it from others.

To summarize, Chilli Media is a combination of consulting for food brands and a commercial understanding of your brand's needs.

7. Tinta Marketing

Tinta Marketing is a food marketing agency specialized in market positioning to establish the right communication path to talk to your desired customers.

Tinta has worked in many campaigns for food industry clients who wanted to reach the Hispanic market with innovative content and effective social media ads.

Finding the right advertising market is not always easy - Tinta marketing provides a wide field of communication solutions to do this, which turns it into one of the best food-focused digital agencies for marketing services.

8. Wild & Root

Wild & Root is a full-service marketing and advertising agency focused on multi-channel marketing with enterprise-level knowledge.

This digital marketing agency located in Germany offers creative solutions for food brands to enhance awareness and increase exposure around them.

The agency also offers consulting marketing solutions targeted toward consumer marketing, which fosters the relationship between companies in the food industries and their customers.

9. HireInfluence

HireInfluence is an influencer marketing agency that tackles the needs of food companies regarding collaborating with creators.

Finding the best creative strategies for content creation is not always easy - that's why hiring professionals is the best way to fight against common challenges in this industry.

Working with a micro-influencer and nano-influencer marketing agency might pave the way to some of the biggest bottlenecks around food brands seeking effective campaigns to enhance their digital presence.

Both food and beverage companies can benefit from working with influencers , and if you don't know where to start, Hypetrace can lend you a hand.

Influencers have a deep understanding of your audience, helping you to reach more potential customers and enhance customer engagement through effective influencer campaign development.

10. Marriner Marketing

Marriner is the last food marketing agency on this list. This agency focuses on social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Nowadays, it is crucial for companies in the food or beverage industry to appear in search results.

By tailoring your company's needs with a mix of social media content and SEO-focused blog posts, Marriner can rank your food brand among the first results of Google, Bing, and other major search engines.

SEO works to enhance your online presence through organic digital strategies, strategic thinking, and strategic branding - let Marriner Marketing handle all of this, and watch as your food company grows online.

Summary: Top 10 Marketing Agencies in the Food Industry Segment

Having a digital marketing view into the needs of food or beverage firms is imperative to r each more customers, increase conversion rates, and create awareness around your brand in such a saturated industry.

Working with professionals with knowledge of marketing in the food industry helps you get the best marketing services to reach your desired goals.

Getting results in the digital landscape is not always easy, but with the help of a digital agency, food or beverage businesses will be one step closer to fulfilling their goals . This is a summary of the best 10 marketing agencies in the food industry to consider:

  • Lounge Lizard: A versatile digital marketing agency specializing in catering to the food industry, providing a range of services from product imaging to social media advertising and software development;
  • Marlo Marketing: A creative digital marketing agency with expertise in social media services, offering social media management, graphic design, and website design;
  • Food News: Specializes in digital marketing solutions for food and beverage companies, focusing on local restaurant audiences with content creation and digital design;
  • Top Agency: A growth marketing agency focused on the food industry, offering influencer marketing solutions for impactful marketing campaigns and aiding in brand growth from scratch;
  • Jellybean: A full-service digital marketing firm providing a wide range of services, including influencer marketing, culinary consulting, and integrated campaigns across various social media channels;
  • Chilli Media: A marketing and paid media agency providing complete brand experiences and digital solutions, including mobile marketing and branding for food companies;
  • Tinta Marketing: A specialized food marketing agency focusing on market positioning to effectively communicate with the desired Hispanic audience;
  • Wild & Root: A full-service marketing and advertising agency located in Germany, specializing in multichannel marketing and offering consulting solutions for consumer marketing;
  • HireInfluence: A micro-influencer and nano-influencer marketing agency, helping food and beverage companies create effective content strategies and enhance customer engagement;
  • Marriner Marketing: Focuses on search engine optimization to enhance the online presence of companies in the food and beverage industry through organic digital strategies and strategic branding.


Should I Hire a Digital Marketing Agency for My Food and Beverage Brand?

Yes, digital marketing agencies consist of fully prepared teams ready to help your brand achieve great results through different digital marketing methods. According to a study by MarketSplash, the global digital marketing spend by the end of 2023 is projected to reach $389 billion. Moreover, 79% of top-performing companies have used marketing agencies in the past years. Digital and online marketing strategies provide many benefits across all industries, including the food industry.