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Best Tiktok Hooks: 50 Examples & Why They Work


Oct 12, 2023

When we talk about short-form video content, the TikTok social media app is the absolute king out there.

TikTok generated over 272 million app downloads in the third quarter of 2023 (Statista), so it looks like this social media platform is here to stay.

However, capturing the attention of TikTok users is not always easy . There are millions of TikTok videos to watch, and making the audience curious about the content you have to offer can turn into a challenging task.

That's why implementing a creative hook on TikTok can be the key to keeping your content fresh, interesting, and attractive.

Let's check out the best TikTok hooks and discover why this online marketing technique works so well.

What Are Tiktok Hooks?

TikTok hooks are attention-grabbing and creative phrases used at the beginning of a video with the sole purpose of sparking curiosity in the minds of users.

This effective technique has been used by several brands, and TikTok presents itself as the perfect platform to introduce a captivating hook before presenting content for viewers.

Implementing hooks in social media marketing campaigns is not new - business owners, marketers, and brands tend to introduce hooks as a communication trick in most of their content ideas to grab attention and then present a product or service.

However, the nature of the hook changes depending on the type of content for viewers. Since TikTok is a short-form video-sharing platform, the hook used in your content marketing campaign needs to be quick, straight to the point, and fairly interesting.

Is Adding a TikTok Hook to Your Video Effective?

The objective of hooks on TikTok is to increase the video completion rate, increase the average time people watch the video, and give your audience ideas about your product or service quickly enough.

The following statistics and studies back the importance of hooks in content for brands on TikTok:

  • A study by TikTok for Business shows us how the first 2 to 6 seconds of a TikTok video play a crucial role in capturing the attention of the viewers.
  • Another TikTok Study titled "TikTok Creative Codes" shows us that in any creative process, the hook of the video is the most important part of driving engagement rate, as 90% of ad recall impact is captured in the first 6 seconds of a TikTok video.
  • The same study shows that TikTok videos that use effective hooks can lead to a 16% increase in average watch time.
  • Adding an interesting hook can improve the video competition rate up to 3 times more.
  • According to Statista, the average TikTok user from the US spends around 53.8 minutes per day on TikTok. This makes TikTok the most engaging among all other social media platforms, which includes Instagram, Facebook, and X.

10 Best TikTok Hooks Types, 50 Examples & Why They Work

Content creators, influencers, brands, and all kinds of TikTok video makers introduce hooks to capture the audience and make them watch the subsequent content of the video.

Let's take a look at some examples of hooks that work for TikTok content creation and determine why and how they work. Here are 10 different types of TikTok hooks and five examples for each of them.

1. The "Here's a Few Tips to..." Hook

Some TikTok users open the app exclusively to get interesting tips that work in their day-to-day lives.

Creators and brands make their tips-based content relatable and engaging by introducing the "Here's a Few Tips" hook.

This classic attention-grabber hook works because it has a problem-solution approach - it's benefit-oriented , which tells users that they will get tips for common problems they face lately.

Videos with this hook might cover a popular topic that appeals to a broad audience, or focus on more narrowed business niches to connect only with their ideal target audiences.

Here are a few examples of the "Here's a Few Tips to..." hook on TikTok:

  1. "Here are 5 tips to level up your skincare routine and achieve that flawless glow."
  2. "Here are 3 tips to boost your efficiency and crush your to-do list."
  3. "Here are 4 tips to help you relax and unwind after a long day."
  4. "Here are 6 tips to impress the hiring manager and land your dream job."
  5. "Here are 7 tips to make nutritious choices and transform your diet."

2. The "Stop Scrolling" Hook

The "Stop Scrolling" hook is a type of hook that creates a sense of urgency and provides solutions to a problem.

This hook breaks the scrolling pattern, which is pretty hard to break on TikTok as users just skip content when the design elements, video topic, or concept don't resonate with their personal preferences.

Right after the "Stop Scrolling" hook, the video should include a set of numbered ideas or solutions for the audience within a 9-15-second time frame - otherwise, they will create trust issues around this hook in the future!

These are some examples of the "Stop Scrolling" hook:

  1. "Stop scrolling and check out these 5 incredible travel hacks that will elevate your next adventure!"
  2. "Stop scrolling and learn 3 expert photography tips to enhance your TikTok game"
  3. "Stop scrolling and discover 4 celebrity workout routines that will make your daily routines more fun and effective."
  4. "Stop scrolling and find out how you can save money with these 6 budgeting tricks for a brighter financial future."
  5. "Stop scrolling and dive into these 7 delicious and easy-to-make recipes that will delight your taste buds!"

3. The "Come With Me To ..." Hook

The "Come With Me to..." hook is a famous attention-grabbing hook that creates a sense of community between the video creator and the audience.

The "Come With Me" hook works because it directly involves the audience in a task through effective content titles.

It sparks curiosity, and it invites viewers to go on a personal adventure with the creator, whether we talk about checking the latest fashion trends or going grocery shopping at a regular supermarket.

Here are some examples:

  1. "Come with me to do a deep dive into the world of DIY home decor and revamp your living space!"
  2. "Come with me to do a high-intensity workout together!"
  3. "Come with me to do some exploring in this beautiful city and uncover its hidden gems and breathtaking views!"
  4. "Come with me to do a cooking session and learn how to impress your SO with a delicious dessert!"
  5. "Come with me to do some stargazing and get lost in the wonder of the night sky, discovering constellations and celestial beauty!"

4. The "Here’s a simple hack to help you do ...." Hook

Everybody loves life hacks - they help the audience get better at certain tasks, games, or processes.

Useful hacks include cooking techniques, parenting techniques, gaming hacks , and more.

This hook works because it sparks curiosity and intrigues viewers. Moreover, it promises a simple solution to problems that we face in our day-to-day lives, as you can see in the following examples:

  1. "Here’s a simple hack to help you do flawless winged eyeliner every time."
  2. "Here’s a simple hack to help you do quick and efficient meal prep for the week with these unique cooking hacks."
  3. "Here’s a simple hack to help you do better time management and boost productivity with a not-so-known discipline trick."
  4. "Here’s a simple hack to help you do effective meditation and reduce stress."
  5. "Here’s a simple hack to help you do knitting and create beautiful designs."

5. The "Did you know that ...?" Hook

We all have a curious personality inside of us, and TikTok users are no exception.

One of the most common social media tips that also work for TikTok is to use amazing hooks that spark this curiosity.

The "Did you know that....?" hook is one of the most classic attention-grabbing phrases - it works because it has a quick teaser effect with the promise of delivering knowledge . Here are some examples:

  1. "Did you know that you can turn your old t-shirts into trendy crop tops with just a pair of scissors? Stay tuned to learn how!"
  2. "Did you know that some fruits can boost your metabolism and aid in weight loss? I'll give you the details, so keep watching!"
  3. "Did you know that there's a hidden Netflix feature that can change your viewing experience? I'll show you how!"
  4. "Did you know that the 'five-second rule' for dropped food isn't really true? Stay tuned to find out what science says about it!"
  5. "Did you know that learning a new language can "rewire" your brain? Discover more mind-blowing facts coming up!"

6. The "This is a Reminder To..." Hook

"This is a Reminder To" works like a classic catchy phrase to remind your audience about something they should be doing or watching.

It's an action-oriented hook that encourages users to do something, which ultimately leads to a benefit. Some examples of this hook:

  1. "This is a reminder to do that skincare routine you've been putting off! Your glowing skin will thank you later."
  2. "This is a reminder to do a quick workout today and boost your energy! Let's crush those fitness goals!"
  3. "This is a reminder to improve your gaming skills! Learn the ultimate hack to play Call of Duty like a Pro here."
  4. "This is a reminder to do something fun and adventurous this weekend! Embrace the thrill and make memories."
  5. "This is a reminder to try that new recipe you've been considering! Let's improve your cooking skills by following these steps."

7. The "Don't Scroll" Hook

The "Don't Scroll" hook is very common in viral videos, but it's different from the "Stop Scrolling" hook as it tends to be more direct and aggressive.

This curiosity hook creates a sense of urgency - it tells users NOT to scroll instead of stop scrolling, which can work to increase click-through rate, and conversion rate.

However, it is important to be careful, as this hook can come across as spammy if used wrong. Here are some examples:

  1. "Don't scroll! You're about to discover the ultimate life hack that will change your mornings forever!"
  2. "Don't scroll! You won't believe the amazing transformation of this DIY project. Get ready to be inspired!"
  3. "Don't scroll! This hidden gem of a recipe is about to revolutionize your culinary skills - let's check it out"
  4. "Don't scroll! Witness the breathtaking beauty of this hidden travel destination. Get ready to go to a new place without spending crazy amounts of money!"
  5. "Don't scroll! You're about to learn the secret productivity hack that successful people use. Get ready to crush your goals!"

8. The "This may be controversial, but..." Hook

Having a controversial opinion on TikTok is the bread of every day for many creators on this massive social media platform.

Talking about a controversial topic leads to opinion expressions in the comment section, and, thus, higher engagement rates. Some examples:

  1. "This may be controversial, but I have strong opinions about a beauty product that many of you know."
  2. "This may be controversial, but I'm about to share my thoughts on why certain book-to-movie adaptations missed the mark."
  3. "This may be controversial, but I believe it's time for a conversation about the impact of social media on mental health."
  4. "This may be controversial, but I think there's a better alternative product to ...."
  5. "This may be controversial, but I'm going to discuss why the concept of 'hustle culture' can be damaging to our overall well-being."

9. The "Don't Buy That, Buy This Instead" Hook

The "Don't Buy That, Buy This Instead" hook tends to have an aggressive commercial nature, but not if you use it right.

Instead of focusing too much on a product or service by your brand, try to create a video with a cost-saving appeal . By doing so, this hook can be more effective and less commercial than expected. Here are some examples:

  1. "Don't Buy That expensive acne cream, Buy This for bad acne breakouts instead"
  2. "Don't Buy That overpriced acne face wash, Buy This DIY face mask for a fraction of the cost Instead"
  3. "Don't Buy That chemical-laden acne spot treatment, Buy This organic, natural acne removal lotion Instead"
  4. "Don't Buy That popular video game, But This new free indie game Instead."
  5. "Don't Buy at that expensive supermarket, save money on groceries by buying here Instead!"

10. The "Here are X signs that you should..." Hook

The "Here are X signs that you should..." hook identifies a problem that your viewers might have to later provide them with a solution.

This hook works because it has a personal growth appeal. Brands use this hook to show how their products or services can positively benefit users. This is how you can use this TikTok hook:

  1. "Here are 4 signs that you should consider a career change. Is it time to chase your passion?"
  2. "Here are 3 signs that you should start that side hustle you've been contemplating. Your success could be just around the corner!"
  3. "Here are 8 signs that you should revamp your fitness routine. Time to level up and crush those goals!"
  4. "Here are 3 signs that you should try a new hobby. Discover your hidden talents and enrich your life!"
  5. "Here are 2 signs that you should prioritize self-care. Your well-being matters - time to invest in yourself!"

How to Pick the Right TikTok Hook: 3 Steps

There are many other types of TikTok hooks around, but not all of them will work with the essence of your brand or business profile.

Let's walk through the entire process of choosing an effective TikTok hook that goes with the distinctive style of your brand.

Step 1: List 2 or 3 TikTok Hook Ideas

Start by listing only 2 or 3 TikTok hook ideas . Try not to choose more ideas, as the selection process might turn into a difficult task.

Focus on attention-grabbing phrases that resonate with your product or service.

For example, if you have a company in the photography industry, you may consider adding a hook that promises benefits by showing a creative photography technique.

Step 2: Try Each Hook and See Which One Matches Your TikTok Video Content

It's time to experiment - create different scripts for the TikTok video and incorporate each hook into it.

See what hook works better - watch out for the tone, style, and energy of the hook before using it on the final video.

Step 3: Add the Hook to the Video and Measure the Results

Once you have selected the hook, it's time to create the video.

Use TikTok's editing tool to make the video as relatable, interesting, and engaging as possible.

Post the video and measure the results by using TikTok's Analytics. Try different hooks in multiple videos to see what hook type resonates more with your target audience.

Conclusion: Best TikTok Hooks to Power Up Your Video Content

By using the above-mentioned hook templates and examples, it's possible to unleash the power of original hooks into your TikTok content.

There are many other hooks to capture the attention of busy people on TikTok, such as "The Biggest Mistake People Make" hook - the key is to find a hook that resonates with your product, service, and target audience.

Remember to make the hooks quick, straightforward, and highly interesting to maximize campaign results.


How Long Should a Strong Hook on TikTok Be?

A hook on TikTok shouldn't be longer than 6 seconds. The ideal length of a TikTok hook is between 2 and 5 seconds. During this time, it is possible to catch the attention of your target audience. The average attention span of the average person on social media is around 8 seconds (ASL), which means that to catch the attention of regular people, it is important to create quick viral hooks for online platforms.